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Setting up the access point for MyNetgear

Netgear has huge customer’s followers. They are well known about providing best products with best customer’s supports. Today we have come up with the topic of setting up the access point for MyNetgear. Our technical support receives number of queries on the same topic. So just relax & read the entire blog we are providing some useful information for the users who wants to configure their Netgear router by default to Access Point manner, just the once it sense that it is at the back another router. User can use AP mode for following points.

  • User wants to setup their Netgear router as an access point.
  • Simply wants to include AP router to the network with existing router.
  • Need to extend network via additional router.

So now let’s begin setting Netgear Modem as access point for MyNetgear

  • Make use of Ethernet cable for connectingAP router internet port with LAN port on active key router.
  • By the use of Computer that is attached with either with one LAN ports of Netgear Router In the order to access AP router web interface.
  • If your router is set to IP address then your AP router will by default changed its IP address to 0.0.1.
  • Next click on Continue, existing router on the network will be detected by Netgear Genie automatically.
  • As router gets detected, it will give two options, suggested one is to click on YES & click on next.
  • Moving further to next page, choose Get IP Address dynamically from existing router & click on NEXT.
  • In order to keep away from any IP conflicts Make use of an IP not allocated earlier to devices using Key router.
  • AP router will by default reboot & go back to screen showing wireless settings of the Key router.
  • On effectively connected next user will see a webpage proving that setup is successful & AP is currently online.
  • If you want to check Access Point mode is operating then return toAP router user interface, another thing you can see that most of its router features are grey in color, when router is in access point mode.
  • Or else following features will become unavailable once router is in AP mode.
  • WAN Setup.
  • Dynamic DNS.
  • Internet Setting.
  • Setup Wizard.
  • Block Services.
  • Static Routes.

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